Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kat's Words of Wisdom

I am all over the place... here, there and everywhere. It seems everywhere I turn there is another lingering question.

In seeking Him alone this morning I chose to read a blog series that's been filed away in my favorites. Perfect timing.

I have another post I planned to put here. However, plans change; I now offer you Kat's words of wisdom:

"What is your purpose? ...
Olympians don’t sacrifice, struggle and push themselves beyond comfort every day just because they should. They have a very clear and specific goal. The Olympic Gold Medal. One thing. One dream. One tangible purpose...
Name your goal...   What is the one thing you want God to do in your life right now?

Name it and cling to it. Let it be the dream that drives you out of bed...
What’s your dream? Imagine a scenario. And when your alarm goes off, remember that no amount of sleep or warmth will make that scenario a reality.
Action Step:
Take time right now to pray about what your purpose is."

-Kat @ http://inspiredtoaction.com/2010/02/squash-your-morning-excuses-a-purpose-greater-than-comfort/
"Press on, my friends. For perfection is not our reward. He is. "

-Kat @ http://inspiredtoaction.com/2010/02/if-youve-ever-felt-discouraged/

Good stuff, my friends. My lingering questions are now one :)

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  1. Isn't His timing amazing? I'm honored He'd use my words in your life.