Monday, August 2, 2010

wayfaring pilgrim, daughter of the King

Often I find the land I am travelling through is ground I have trod upon in days past... the journal pages serve as reminder. Yes, I have been here before.

I am not unsettled. This is the course of my life as I journey with the King. Sometimes paths are new to me, uncharted territory. And sometimes the lessons must be relearned, again and again.

So it is with purpose and passion. This is the third year my heart has heard Him calling...

My flesh wants to whine, "again! what am I missing?"
My heart knows the Truth.
On too many occasions I am missing purpose. In too many situations I am lacking passion.

This very day I set out to be purposeful in every moment and to be passionately His in every second. Who knew the challenge this would be?! To live each moment in the purpose for which it is intended takes more discipline and self control than I must achingly admit. And it should not be that I have to choose to be passionate toward the Lover of my soul; It should simply be. Sometimes it is. But this day has proven
that sometimes...

No Sweeter Name is playing.
Thank You, Lord.
                 You are the Life to my heart and my soul
                    You are the Light to the darkness around me
                       You are the Hope to the hopeless and broken
                         You are the only Truth and the Way

Thank You, Jesus.


  1. Ahhhh, like any other kind of love, ours towards the King is one of action.

    Love is a verb. ;>

    Love you!

  2. Was reading @ Grace is for sinners today & oh, this quote:

    "you’ll find who you are in Him, not in who you’ve tried to be."

    Read more:
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