Monday, September 27, 2010


we hoped the fruit of the womb would bring many blessings; dh said three was good, i said four was better :]
we trusted Him.
Praise Him, He gifted two

our two, good and perfect gifts from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights
their names start with A and B
friends joked, we joked, we were working our way through the alphabet...

He is God.

tonight my hands in dishwater
talking with Him about trusting Him in all things
about His sovereignty, His love, His plan

i was thinking perhaps more children will come as Ann's most recent daughter came...
when like a ton of bricks it hit me

last year we 'adopted' a wee one from Sri Lanka (through sponsorship).
A and B chose him as our very own...
his birthday is in the same month as theirs (and he's a cutie) - they knew he belonged with us.

He knew he belonged with us.

i can't believe it took me this long to see it
guess what letter his name starts with?
yes, of course, He has given us our C!

oh how He loves me.

He has given us three  :)

the joy, the hope...
the smile of contentment

it is ok to wonder, to dream, to hope, to trust

will He give more?
if so, where will D come from...
i wonder will we make it through the alphabet?

i wonder what He has for us...
i trust Him.
He is God of the universe and God of my alphabet.

Linking abc's with E's imperfect prose


  1. Thank you for stopping by my place! I love this. We can't afford to sponsor a child right now, but a friend who works for Compassion helped me get hooked up as a letter-writer, for kids who have corporate sponsors who can't write letters, and I just got my packet this weekend. It totally feels like welcoming a whole new member of the family!

  2. Sarah,
    That's a fabulous idea, what a wonderful way to sow His love into the life of another :}
    Gal 6:7-10

    and, yes, it does feel 'like welcoming a whole new member of the family!'

    Thanks and prayers for His continued blessings,

  3. Beautiful. I love your ABC anticipation! My hubby knows, I'd fill up every corner of this house if God opened the doors.

  4. I love the ray charles version of the alphabet! thank you for this glimpse at your heart's desire, it was something I needed to hear tonight

  5. wow. That is so exciting. What an answer to prayer.
    I love your heart, and I think you just might make it though the alphabet. How fun!

  6. thank you for taking that C...perhaps one day my wife and i will take that step...we have a C and L right now...who knows what he has in store..

  7. this is wonderful. your prose is so beautiful. i love the way you see him, the way you look for the holy... and the way you understand and adore. this contentment is something i seek. i learn from you, dear friend. love to you and your abc's. :)

  8. i love that if another letter would come, it would be d... b/cs he's given you a c in your heart! so beautiful. i love that you could fill up the alphabet by just loving others your whole life long... such a walking testimony!!!

  9. This is so inspiring, and will be blessed for being so loving and giving in your life...:-)

  10. Oh what a heart you have my friend. I love this abc post. I love that you are waiting and looking for d,e,f,g....

    You are accepting the life He has written for you, embracing it while not clutching it so tightly that you forget Who you belong to. You have such a mother's heart. I love it.
    I love you!

  11. Sweetness! The perfect ABCs -- I, too, have found inspiration in Ann's Compassion posts. I'm saving money to adopt a child -- from Guatamala perhaps.

  12. i love this! truly beautiful and inspirational

  13. I love that you've adopted, and it's something tugging at my heart these days. You have a beautiful heart that points others to God. I'm new to this community, so thanks for blessing me with your words.

  14. Hi! That's beautiful and such a clear sign of God's control over the big and the little things! But wow... all the way through the alphabet?!

  15. This makes me smile t. It is so wonderful the way the Father works in our lives. The great wonder is that He does all things well, in His time. We really can trust Him and it makes life joyful.

  16. To: All

    Thank you for your kind words :)

    His blessings abundant,