Saturday, September 18, 2010

Read this @ Sally's

Stopped by Sally Clarkson's this a.m.
i enjoyed the reminder so much that I share it with you.

"Scripture is very clear about the profound importance of being stewards of our brains. Without personal relationships, time to read and ponder, time to observe creation, we cannot as easily imagine and relate to God. When all time is taken up with media, there is not time to pray, plan, think, talk, build brain pathways.

A child's deepest need is for love, purpose, well-being, health. A machine cannot give any child or human being these essential things. Technology can pacify temporarily, but eventually a person craves for more and more and more, more entertainment, more stimulation, more numbing of the hunger and longing that lives inside, for real life, real love, real attention and time spent.

The home should be a place of authentic life, not virtual life."

"One side of the brain is so passive when a person watches tv, that it slows down to a rate slower than when one is asleep. The brain cannot take in so many images and so it shuts down to protect itself. A brain developed over years of shut down will atrophy.

"Technology is raging because people are lonely and looking for meaning and relationship online. But it is destroying their brains, their consciences, their ability to think deeply, to build a vocabulary, to take time to be outdoors, to build a real, deep relationship with a friend by talking, instead of having virtual reality of life on a screen. The idol of technology is replacing a love for God [with] a hunger for those who might be looking for me or who can validate me in cyberspace.

"What we sow we reap. Guard your heart for from it flow the springs of life. Whatever is true, honorable, just, lovely, ..., think on these things.

"Now, as I raise Joy, I have to be very intentional at keeping life personal, life-giving, relational. The time it takes to provide her with relationship and life experiences, automatically means I have little time for working on my computer. But the stewardship I have for her mind, body and soul are more profound than all the ministry and influence that I can have outside my home. So my emails pile up day by day, but my family's souls are prospering and growing."

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  1. Just love that 'The home should be a place of authentic life, not virtual life. Why do we choose distraction from the authentic? We go after technology like the moth to the flame when the warmth and color of a flushed human face is the most beautiful. I pray I always long for the beauty of God's creation over the iwhatever.

  2. Amen Sally and Kelly!

    I have nothing to add now.

  3. Couldn't agree more. So many band-aids instead of the real healing and the real relationship. Great reality check. So much freedom there.