Monday, December 27, 2010

i've a question for you

i'm still learning to turn away from legalism.
i know we need Bible study, 'quiet time' (prayer, praise, meditating on Him and His Word), we need to to serve, we need to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together (how's church stuff?), and the list goes on. i know.


i also know that it is all Him. because of Him. to Him. for Him. from Him.
Him alone.
and the result of that... there will be Bible study, prayer, praise, meditation, service, etc- - because He is Love - - and as He transforms us we can't help it, by His grace we love too.

so, instead of asking:
how's your quiet time?
how's your Bible study?
how's your service?
how's your fellowship with others in the body of Christ?
and the list goes on and on

i'm asking:
how are you and God experiencing and enjoying one another today?

p.s. forever grateful, forever counting
holy experience


  1. Love this transformation He has brought you to! When I look here I see freedom, radiance and love abounding because you're not checking off a list, but enjoying the journey on your way to the destination of Him! Love you!