Tuesday, December 7, 2010

quoting & pondering

yesterday i was at Ann's for Multitude Monday/Gratitude Community... i usually head to a few lists to enjoy the counting & i couldn't resist the thumbnail picture of her tree (oh my affinity for trees :) and it was there that i read these words - a pondering place for me. and of course i wanted to invite you to ponder them with me :}

"As I sit here I am surrounded by a mess. Not a dirty mess, just an out of place mess...if you're a mom, you know what I mean. Winkle's guitar is on the couch with a random water bottle laying on it's side. Chocolate Teddy Grahams and a sippy cup are on one end table. My coffee cup & family bible study is sitting next to the lit lamp on the other end table. I'm sitting in my pajamas. Bread is awaiting my attention...it's time to knead. There are clothes that need folding and putting away from our weekend trip (they did at least make it to the washer/dryer yesterday).

I would probably run and pretend I wasn't home if someone came to the door. OK. That's totally not true, because I know Winkle would so take that opportunity to squeal his loudest and run to the door. I would wish I could run and pretend I wasn't home. I'm not presentable. My house isn't either. Things are out of place and it isn't what I want others to see.

I do this, though. Don't we all? Smile and say, "I'm good.", invest in the best concealer, & buy the jeans that hide those areas. I'm learning, though, to appreciate the reality rather than the perception.

Because, honestly, this mess may be me at my best. Real. Life lived out. Certainly incapable of perfection, but who knows the One who is still able to accomplish through me. Evidence of a sinner who was saved by grace living inside these walls. Inside these pajamas. Maybe the perception hides too much. It hides the Light shown among the flaws. While I may be trying to hide me, maybe in that, I'm hiding Him."

this is a quote from Erin's post found @ http://tinklenwinkle.blogspot.com/2010/12/in-this-mess.html


  1. I feel blessed that you received such a blessing out of this. What greater compliment than to share a piece of me in your writing space? Thank you for blessing me today.

    I hope, in it all, we continue to point each other to Him.

  2. yes, to Him... Him alone.

    thank you, fellow blogger :)

  3. Wow. This speaks! Thank you Erin for sharing, and thank you T for reposting on your blog.

    A very humbling post, aptly timed for me! And it's funny that I am right now, someone I wasn't a month ago. Oh fickle me. but this is just right for me, right now.

    Thank you both for sharing it!!!


  4. Thanks so much for this. Perceptions are just that. I love that He always sees the reality and we can't hide, no matter how hard we try. Thank you for being real, t and Erin.