Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday recollection

i am forever grateful, forever counting His gifts (a recollection from January)

i believe in the Sacred echo
i hear it again and again,
and it always leads to Him.

yesterday i typed words read the day before that:
"This day is what matters. Today is the only day we have to give to Jesus." Isaac Hunter

and today i read these:
"I have always been struck by Moses' statement, "Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." (Psalm 90:12)
There is certain type of focus, intentionality and perspective that we gain when we understand the capacity or quantity of our life." Gary Barkalow

"we are not as earnest as dying men ought to be... how much the shortness of our time ought to stir our hearts…to ardency of love and fervency of zeal…in our days of sojourning here!” Charles Spurgeon

flipping through a journal of days gone by and
reading this prayer penned by my hand (copied from Sally Clarkson)
"No matter what my life holds, I will choose, with the eyes of my heart, to see Your goodness, to trust You in all seasons of life, to seek to dance with You in the joy you have provided. I will choose to bring Your light into the dark places of my life. I will, as Christ, for the joy before me in eternity, see things from an eternal perspective and recognize Your hand of love in each moment of my life. I will sow seeds of faith, hope, and joy in the garden of my heart, so that I will reap a harvest of joy. As an act of my will, I will follow Your lead from this day forward."

knowing the year of Faithfully Relevant has been lived before ((it didn't yet have a name))
understanding the year of Faithfully Relevant will be lived again ((Lord willing. and it will have a different name))

Why is everyone hungry for more? "More, more," they say.
"More, more."
I have God's more-than-enough,
More joy in one ordinary day
Than they get in all their shopping sprees.
At day's end I'm ready for sound sleep,
For you, God, have put my life back together.
Psalm 4:6-8 The Message

the Sacred echo to 'faithfully relevant' in this quote:
"God is so great that all things give Him glory – if you mean that they should.”
~Ignatius Loyola

friends. kindred spirits. those of the house of Joseph
sisters and brothers, we have been adopted. in Him we are for all eternity siblings

and Wednesday,
the Fantastic Four head west!

joyfully joining Ann and the community of thankful counters

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  1. what we have is now.. this moment to see Him, hear Him, love Him, obey Him. This now, how it slows it all down.... brings it all into focus.

    Beds, table, children, pup, my love and me.... we are ready for you.