Wednesday, September 14, 2011


and i stand before Him. the prayer true,


this - a battle.

peace. thanksgiving, gratitude. hope, joy. and then
there's the lingering
the difficulty in the knowing the past; which is, yes, why i'm here again.
i hate knowing that i've messed up again. i hate knowing that i am gonna miss the mark again.
i know the truth. i know it's not try harder. i know Forgiveness. i know Relationship. i know Grace. i know Love. i know.
i    know
  i        k-n-o-w
     i            k -n -o -w
        i            k - n - o - w

now, to live it.

each breath worship, as He is my Hope.

prayers for Ann on this Winds-day :)

1 comment:

  1. Yes, He is our Hope. Hope turned into "it's all right, everything worked out"... for the past. For the present, He is Hope that says.... "lean into Me now"..... like the birds facing into the strongest wind... as Ann said. And for the future, He is Hope Eternal.... sure to be a Promise Kept.

    That is Who He is. Marvelous!