Monday, December 12, 2011

-t- is for thankful

have i mentioned that i have my share of issues, challenges, difficulties? even if i haven't s-p-e-l-l-e-d it out, i have no doubt you've picked up on it. i mean, i'm human - just like you.... but let's get back to me (:  
one of my issues is my difficulty in making what should be trivial decisions: colored lights or white lights? cake or pie? here or there? green beans or broccoli? eat in or eat out? if in, what to eat? if out, where to eat?! all to often i make mountains out of molehills - - inside of three seconds i can take trivial and transform it into massive

all of this rambling isn't really going anywhere BIG nor anywhere all that important. however, it is going here: if you had asked me one week ago, "what's your favorite holiday?" (pretty trivial question, right? i mean, it's personal preference. still) i would've hemmed and hawed around it, unable to decide. but guess what? (can you hear the drum roll?) if you ask me today i'll answer: my favorite holiday is Christmas.

yes. my favorite holiday is Christmas - celebrating the birth of Christ, God's only begotten Son, Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. celebrating that He came. for me. for you. and my enjoyment of Christmas goes on and on. i like Christmas trees; real and artificial, with their lights of any color. i like ornaments crafted by my children and loved ones. i like ornaments purchased at the store. i like Christmas music, reflective and worshipful and silly and fun. i like bells and candy canes. i like twinkling lights. i like nativities on lawns and coffee tables. i like advent wreaths and jesse trees. i like red and green m&m's and Christmas cookies. i like sending and receiving Christmas cards. and i like that all of these things invite me to praise my Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Jesus.

i know, i know; it's only one trivial decision made. but, it's a start.

~  ~   ~

-t- is for thankful, and i am. 
i am forever grateful, forever counting His gifts to me (from my 1400's)

compassion and understanding (even through e-mail), and prayers lifted in love ((thank you, Dear One))

joy, pure joy
His joy bubbling up and over as she shared her myriad of praises

boy love excitedly reading a book to me as we drive away from the library
the way he laughs loud in mid-sentence

When they heard these things they became silent; and they glorified God, saying, “Then God has also granted to the Gentiles repentance to life.” Acts 11:18

a really good nights sleep, and
that most all of my nights are (praise Him!)

closing my eyes and seeing it all again:
the guest room as i walked in,
the fun of our pictures everywhere
fresh flowers harvested and arranged by sweet Peach hands
the curtains and the pillow shams
the food awaiting our rumbling tummies
and the meals planned and prepared
an evening walk her and her puppy love
and coffee and tea and yummy late night chocolates from a favorite confectionery
the bees that just wanted a little of her delicious meal
the story of how the week before they'd carried away chicken
them taking time off to allow us the privilege of enjoying them
their kindness in running around Oregon with us, sharing all the sights and making memories to last a lifetime
how she made a late night run. just for us.
her gift of hospitality
that He shines in and through her, beautifully
He is beautiful. as is she. beautiful

how sometimes an author cuts to the quick:
Enough is never enough. Most of us have lifestyled our way into the black pit of normal... At its root, it's actually more than a lifestyle problem; it's a spiritual problem. WEIRD Because normal isn't working.

that in May i started reading fiction again
and Kara recently introduced me to this Jacksonville boy, a fine author
and my favorite so far: Wrapped in Rain

receiving Christmas cards in the mail
sending Christmas cards in the mail

saying, "it's my pleasure"
because it is

her call that said he likes it that we show up

the joy and smiles as i go back and re-read through lists of 2011 thankfulness,
both mine and those i hold dear

that 2012 may very well bring my west loves east,
right here to us in central florida!

our girl love writing an unsolicited thank you note,
gratitude is multiplying (:

joyfully joining Ann and the community of thankful counters

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  1. no pictures today? Not needed! Your words paint quite the vivid pictures in my mind as I read. What a wonderful list.... and how blessed am I to have someone that counts graces given to me as graces given to her also. Perhaps that is the truly the measure of friendship. A new way for me to look at what it means to be "happy for her". So often a phrase carelessly dropped and too often uttered as a feeble attempt at covering one's jealousy. But not by you... never by you. :)

    I smile at your decision to choose Christmas as your favorite holiday. :)
    I smile at your liking Wrapped In Rain.... my favorite by Chuck as well. ;>
    I smile at the thought of you and your loves at the table with a man needing company and finding it in you.
    I smile at the thought of out trip East up-and-coming... a chance to breathe the same air again for a few days... to make more memories that will surely deepen the smile lines on my face! What fun! :)

    With love,