Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Gratitude

i am forever grateful, forever counting His gifts (from my 1400's)....

our Advent wreath and baby Jesus

the fun gift of a nature backpack
fresh Florida strawberries, and
when they become dessert
girl love's bunny, grooming under the china cabinet
boy love sportin' his daddy's sports coat
my I do hanging white lights, for me (:
boy love's exciting 2011 bday gift from Grandma & Granddaddy - a gift that keeps on giving {:
Roly - no legs yet
Tom has hind legs
a fantastic four original - an end table
boy love & daddy made it
girl love & mommy stained it
after the table, the daddy went to work on boy love's project
now he's ready to hunt his favorite venison dinner
girl love catching me catching her with the dictionary - just for fun!
and did i mention that New Year's brought my first pair of converse tennis shoes?
((did you just roll your eyes? i promise to wear them K love acceptably :))
and i'm all smiles as February once again brings our west loves east!
~   ~   ~
i am incredibly thankful for the giving of thanks
gratitude leading to praise - He inhabits the praises of His people
But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel. Psalm 22:3

friends, it is my hope that we find ourselves singing His praises all the day long [:

joining Ann and the community of thankful counters


  1. Joining you from Ann's place. Loving your lovely list of gratitudes. Especially fresh,
    sweet Florida strawberry's. Yummy. I think it's about time for the Strawberry festival. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ahhhh, it all makes me jealous to be there.... but I don't have to be jealous for long! I will get to see all of those precious people and places and taste that food myself! I'm giddy at the prospect!

    I didn't know about the Converses. It makes me smile. They are the right color, at least. ;>

    and you have had tad poles since last year? Is that right? Did they grow to be frogs and make more eggs? How did I miss all of that?!

  3. yes, we too are giddy!

    and as for the tadpoles, allow me to refresh your memory: Grandma and Granddaddy gave them to him for his birthday last year. However the company could not ship the them in weather incompatible with their survival... as we live in Central Florida it was too hot until our first cool spell in mid-November. So, we've only had them a couple of months & it looks as though another month or so & they'll be headed to the great outdoors. Once those legs sprout it seems to be going quick! Wait 'til next Monday's picture of Tom (: