Monday, April 9, 2012

-t- is for thankful

He is risen, indeed!

i am forever grateful, forever counting His gifts one by one.... 

our first family mission trip, March in Arizona
(i've no pictures, we were working :)

our first trip to the Grand Canyon

flowers in a vase

a sermon during lunch with girl love and boy love

first dip in the pool this year (90 outside, 72 in the pool... i didn't swim :)

((an unfinished post is better than no post, yes?))

joining Ann and the community of thankful counters


  1. Good to read your list.... partial as it may be... it's good stuff. I am thankful with you. :)

    Thinking of you as you are away.... you and all of yours and prayers for you.

  2. Sister, a full partial list is much better than a partial list. Your list is full to overflowing with His love, His provision, His calling, His stretching and adventures! Sweetness abounds everywhere! Love you!!