Tuesday, April 23, 2013

this morning Sarah Young wrote to me of keeping my eyes on Jesus. one of the verses she referenced was Psalm 16:11.
from there i stopped by Matthew Henry's commentary on Psalm 16. here's my quotable quote for today:
 Most take the world for their chief good, and place their happiness in the enjoyments of it; but how poor soever my condition is in this world, let me have the love and favour of God, and be accepted of him; let me have a title by promise to life and happiness in the future state; and I have enough. Heaven is an inheritance; we must take that for our home, our rest, our everlasting good, and look upon this world to be no more ours, than the country through which is our road to our Father's house. Those that have God for their portion, have a goodly heritage. Return unto thy rest, O my soul, and look no further. Gracious persons, though they still covet more of God, never covet more than God; but, being satisfied of his loving-kindness, are abundantly satisfied with it: they envy not any their carnal mirth and delights. But so ignorant and foolish are we, that if left to ourselves, we shall forsake our own mercies for lying vanities. God having given David counsel by his word and Spirit, his own thoughts taught him in the night season, and engaged him by faith to live to God.  ~Matthew Henry
such a beautiful reminder ((a sacred echo)) i hear John Piper's words: the dangerous duty of delight...

may we delight ourselves in Him dear friends. delight ourselves in Him.

(happy birthday, Sarah Grace! we love you :)

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