Monday, July 1, 2013

-t- is for thankful

forever grateful, forever counting His gifts one-by-one...

safe travels

grandparents(2.5 sets :) who love and enjoy sharing time with their grandchildren

my I do comforting me, loving me well, having expected these pregnancy hormones to bring tears as we pulled away from the airport

my sisters and brothers, His children, who choose Him over and over again - somedays in the middle of a storm they don't want to be in

my I do asking what's on the 'hunny do list'

sermons and teachings online ((yes. thank You, Father))

the smell of coffee freshly ground, swiss water decaf

the pleasant surprise of girl love calling to share with us the sights and adventures of her afternoon

boy love and girl love instant messaging and facetiming us
and while sometimes i think our lives would be better without them, i am thankful for his ipod, her nook, and my ipad as they allow for easy and fun communication

holding my I do's hand during prayer

that my I do identifies and expresses thankfulness for this week of increased time to focus on our heavenly Father and on one another

again this week for the sound of the rain in the woods

i am forever thankful and could never ever list all the gifts, but what a blessing to name a few!


may the Lord bless you and keep you my grateful friends!

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