Thursday, April 23, 2015

-t- is (still) for thankful

This morning while praying for family I was thinking on a picture taken recently of Girl Love and a friend. Suddenly, I was overcome with gratitude; I could not stop thanking God for the friends He has placed in her life who are true. He has blessed her with a few young ladies that would not intentionally hurt her. Sadly, teenage girls are often catty. In lives around us we have seen the hurt-full effects of this over and over again. 
To have friendship she can trust is invaluable. 

...gratitude begets gratitude and this gratefulness led me to praising God for the women He has blessed my life with too. There are more than a handful who KNOW I would never intentionally hurt them, as they would never intentionally hurt me. 
This is big, really big. In a world where His new commandment is seemingly forgotten as "me-me-me" is touted here, there and everywhere, it is a blessedly beautiful thing to know that if someone hurts you it was an accident because they would never purposefully hurt you. 
His gifts are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

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