Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why am I amazed?

In the past two weeks I have had this conversation four times with four different girlfriends... Why am I continually amazed at how amazing God is?!
I don't exactly know - but I am. I am continually amazed. And I'm thankful. I am thankful that He loves us in the manner in which He does so that we can be continually amazed.

Last week I was talking to a girlfriend and I mentioned a song that came to mind in regards to the goings on in her life. Yes, you know it. The Lord had placed that very song in her mind earlier and she had shared it with her hubby!

Sunday morning I awoke a little early & I shared some quiet time with our Father. During that time He led me to reflect on a question I had recently been asked: What is the most prominent feeling about life that I have?
I had to think about it. Then, there it was. I wrote it out & read it over...
So, we went to church. Guess what the worship songs focused on?! Yes, the answer I had written to the question!!

This morning I was reading more in Dancing with My Father and Sally was talking about David and his relationship with God and how his heart was a 'different heart'. Later I opened the email & there was an invitation to read about Mother's (as Mother's Day is Sunday :). Guess what the article was about! Yes, David and his relationship with the Lord, about heart's that are God's completely.

He is amazing. Our Father God is amazing!
So, of course I am continually amazed :]

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