Monday, May 3, 2010

Dancing with My Father

I am reading Dancing with My Father by Sally Clarkson. It is good, you know the good I'm talking about- when you feel quite sure that this book was 'penned just for me' good :}

Join me and wade around a while in this cool pool:

[God] gave me a personal, visual image of what He wanted me to undertand about His joy: that it is wrapped up in Him as my heavenly Father, that He is the Initiator, the Provider, the Lover, the Strong One. In short, He is to be my leading man in the dance of life.
But even more, dancing seemed to be a visual picture of what God wants me to do in my soul: He wants me to dance inside my heart, no matter what is going on outside in my circumstances. To dance is to celebrate life, to make merry, to physically live out the reality of internal joy. Those who walk closely with the Lord have a secret inner joy, a dancing energy from just knowing Him...

May we each dance our with our Leading Man, an amazing dance of joy!

For those of you with even more free time on your hands here's Sally's blog address:

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