Monday, October 18, 2010

Multitude Monday


giving thanks to The Giver that


God, is it true that you're thinkin' of me at this moment?
    God, is it true that you hear every prayer that I pray?
         God, is it true every time my heart beats, you know it?
Well, if it's all true, then that must be you I hear saying, "Trust Me."
God, is it true out of all things you're doing on this planet,
    Could it really be true that you've counted the hairs on my head?
        God, is it true, every day of my life, you have planned it?
Well, if it's all true, then that must be you I hear saying, "Trust Me."

Trust Me, Trust Me

I'll never leave you

I'll never forsake you

Just trust me

God, is it true that your love for us is never ending?
    Could it really be true that you'd die before letting us go?
        God, is it true that not even death can separate us?
Well, if it's all true, then what can I do but put all my hope and all my trust in you?
    Well, I know it's true and I know it's You I hear saying, "Trust Me."

I hear you saying, "Trust Me."

holy experience


  1. One of my favorites! Thanks for sharing! So glad SCC asks the questions we all ask in our mind, but are afraid to ask out loud. You are beautiful, sister!

  2. Love reading over your blog :) Makes me remember it isn't about what I write but Who I am writing to! Yes, I finally shared my blog spot thing. :)

  3. What a beautiful song. I've never heard it before. I love the words. Thank you for sharing.
    Rachymommy -

  4. Thank you my dear for posting this sweet song. A lovely way to remind us all of what we have to be thankful for.

    I love how you bring to us what inspires you. I love your gift of sharing. :)

    I love you!


  5. It was way too quiet without you.

  6. I only learned of your blog, T, this summer and, with the whirlwind of the beginnings of our new academic year at the university, only now remembered to visit. I'm hopeful to have time to visit again in the future.

    Thank you for sharing this message. I will have to come back to read it for myself, as the timeliness of reading these words of Steven's as I've just today completed his wife's book only allow me to read the words as they relate to his heart and that of his family. Knowing their testimony through the words of Mary Beth, these words have such power. As always, God's providence and great love for me caused me to find this message when it was most timely.

    If you've not yet read Mary Beth Chapman's testimony in her recent book, "Choosing to SEE," I would strongly encourage you to read it. I have a completed copy I'd be happy to mail to anyone who asks ( She shares openly and honestly about the great pain she, Steven, and their entire family experienced when Maria died, how each of them worked and are continuing to work through their grief and, through the loving grace of our Lord, how their suffering and pain is a megaphone of hope for others and, through it all, points like a laser beam to the cross of Christ. You must read it.



  7. oh friend... this brought tears... for i've been failing to trust... and wanting to, but not... yes, let's do tea, soon. xo