Monday, January 31, 2011

Multitude Monday

forever grateful, forever counting the multitude of gifts 751-773

that girl love sweetly,
seriously asked her daddy,
"what should Patch call you - Grandpa?"

hearing her say,
"Patch say 'hi' to your Bubbie" (me :)

that boy love is thrilled to be Uncle
and all of the fun and silliness of a pet owner

i am thankful for sunglasses and lotion
and our refrigerator
and fresh fruit
and sunshine

and this
flipping through a journal of days gone by and
reading this prayer penned by my hand (copied from Sally Clarkson)
No matter what my life holds, I will choose, with the eyes of my heart, to see Your goodness, to trust You in all seasons of life, to seek to dance with You in the joy you have provided. I will choose to bring Your light into the dark places of my life. I will, as Christ, for the joy before me in eternity, see things from an eternal perspective and recognize Your hand of love in each moment of my life. I will sow seeds of faith, hope, and joy in the garden of my heart, so that I will reap a harvest of joy. As an act of my will, I will follow Your lead from this day forward.

knowing the year of Faithfully Relevant has been lived before, only it didn't yet have a name
understanding the year of Faithfully Relevant will be lived again (Lord willing), only it will have a different name

that she called from the east
and she'll be here Wednesday :)

the kids playing out in the side yard with friends
my health, i can run the bases too :]

that i am doubly loved
Mom and Kara ordered me a copy of Ann's book
that Mom was able to bless another with One Thousand Gifts

holy experience


  1. Oh the sweetness that overflows from your counting! Love the Patches stories; makes it all worth it! Love the prayer and how I'm praying it along side you! So glad you've grown to Faithfully Relevant and will grow beyond it: beautiful!! A friend passed along a copy of 1,000 gifts to me and just started it. Oh how the sacred echo is alive and growing! You'll love it! So many gifts to keep counting! Be blessed! Be bold! Be brave! Be you, His Favorite Daughter! Love you!

  2. Thankful you have an actual arrival date! Love that girl/boy and their silliness. So, your and hubby's folks are great grands then? Hee Hee