Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday of Multitudes

oh, the joy in listing even a few of the many:

i am thankful
                  i have learned...
all of life is a Sacred echo, if only i am listening

i am thankful that it is a broken toe, nothing more
i am thankful that his is a stomach virus, nothing more

i am thankful for my I do who loves through the hurt

i am thankful to pray for many (babes in hospitals, all of Japan, boy love...)

i am thankful for my mom who risks for the adventure of time with us

i am thankful for His miracle of a Jonathan-David friend... Kara

i am thankful for His blessing of an eternal sister who loves in the not-so-good as passionately and victoriously as she loves in the good, gooder, and goodest... Kim 

i am thankful He's blessed me with a woman after His own heart who lives just down the way and chooses to share in the daily of this journey... Kelly

i am thankful for friends of old who are never more than a phone call away... Jennifer, Karla, Tracy, and the many more

i am thankful for neighbors turned friends... Teresa, Randee, Debi, Rebekah

i am thankful for friends via blog... Emily and Ann (well, sorta :)

i am forever grateful & forever counting... Enter His gates with thanksgiving, And His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him; bless His name. Psalm 100:4


  1. All of life IS a sacred echo. I'm learning this more and more. Thank you, -t-. Now, Lord, make me a better listener. Broken toe? Boo. Hope you're on the mend soon.

  2. thank you, Jodi :)
    i am also thankful for you, Curious Acorn :}

  3. i love that line too... the sacred echo, which reverberates throughout your posts... and yes, t, we are friends :) and i'm so thankful. xo

  4. What a lovely list, and how blessed I am to be on it! :)

    A stomach bug... yuck. Glad your mom came. I did not get a chance to get my gifts posted.....
    I received an awesome gift in the mail today, and the timing is perfect!

    Thank you, and

  5. Even though it’s Tuesday I needed more gratitude so I just came over from Ann’s.

    Your whole list was awesome - but I liked this one the best: i am forever grateful & forever counting... Enter His gates with thanksgiving, (to end like that – to make me think of this listing – and eternity – together – I was blessed – thank you) {smile}

    By the way, the way you write, this is why I heart this community.

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours

  6. a sacred echo...i like that...even in the hurts your list....have a great friday!

  7. Such a great list!!! When God fills our lives with such precious and priceless people, they just stand out, don't they? I loved the "sacred echo". Oh, to be still enough to hear it sometimes!!! Thank you for posting today! I was blessed to have been here!