Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitude Monday

# 958-979    i am forever grateful, forever counting His gifts...

witnessing Him at work in the lives of those who choose to meet and share around our kitchen table
completing Simplicity
and an 'all in' for Loving Well

eyes up, eyes forward

that my I do chose to leave work at work for a week of vaca with us

safe and fun filled travels of the Fantastic Four
a full day's play of zip lining, mega jumping, adventure courses, white water rafting (with the infamous Captain Dan), and rock climbing at USNWWC
go kart racing with Aunt Cindy
miniature golf with Mimi and Poppy
laser tag with all
an afternoon walk through the park with the pups
a morning at the Carolina Raptor Center

hearing someone say "Sarah Grace" and all four heads turn to look; then we look at one another, each smiling that love smile
Magic Kingdom at night
fireworks and riding Big Thunder Railroad in the dark
hearing a wee one, somewhere in line, excitedly cry out "Abba, Abba!"

reading Choosing to SEE aloud/together with my I do
that girl love asked to read it, and she is

getting back into the 'swing' of school, work, and all of life lived in the daily of here
eight-year-old boy love narration

the anticipation of phone calls soon to be made, sharing our lives across miles


  1. Yeah for vaca and Yeah for the Smith's coming home to their down the street dwelling...we missed you!

  2. Loving the list my dear, so glad you posted it today. :)

    Love that your man left his work behind... priceless!

    Love that my daughter's name creates such response from those that love her so. :)

    Love that you read Choosing, and excited to see where the journey might take you!

    Love YOU!

  3. Love the list, my sister! sounds like vacation was refreshing and adventurous! So much love and living going on! Nothin' better! As SCC would say, "Live out loud!"
    Missing you!