Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday smiles

i am forever grateful, forever counting His gifts...

the way boy love crinkles and smooshes his face when he is just about to exaggerate his laughter

our afternoon walks and the discoveries of my adventure seekers

that girl love cared for a disabled monarch
how they took turns allowing it to climb on a finger and then slowly walk so that "Buddy the butterfly" could enjoy the feeling of flying
the sorrow at its passing, wishing she could've done more... and her thankfulness for the week shared

play dates at the park with their bff's

knowing our Savior is alive, He is risen!
Lent, Holy Week, Easter
being encouraged by the joys and challenges of His children fasting, in Him alone
the privilege of 'watching' my niece follow Him so bravely, courageous in her Lord!

girl love grocery shopping
girl love cooking
the library where she checked out the cookbook
the delicious meal!

waking to my I do kissing me, wishing me a happy birthday
birthday banners he hung in my honor
boy love waking, rolling over singing, "Happy Birthday to you"

cards from those who by His grace love me as i love them :}

a message filled with warmth and hope and encouragement... and my ensuing prayer to be the woman she sees me as, reflecting Him

38 dimes! one for every year :)

The Party of Five (4 of 'em) at my door bearing birthday love and gifts

ice cream sandwich birthday cake

three ice cream cones (3 tens) + 8= 38
gotta love it  :]

the bouquet of wildflowers the girls picked for me

her gift of the cutest -t- birthday cake ever :}

beginning Loving Well on the first day of this new year He's gifted me
and as if all that wasn't too much already - presents delivered in the mail

and the joy and fun in mentioning bunny love's early morning discovery- breakfast as served in the wild?

Thank you for stopping here this day; Let us come before Him with thanksgiving! Psalm 95:2


  1. Oh how I love the list!!!! It was the first thing I looked at today because I can't wait to share in your praising of Him and I delight in His goodness to you and yours, who I love so dearly!

    love the pics and I smile at your beautiful smile....

    love the bunny and the "wild" breakfast

    what a sweet gift from sweet Kelly.... I'm so thankful you have her....

    love girl love cooking

    and I can see in my minds eye boy-love's crinkled face before the laughter....

    and I smile at your "I do" hanging the banners... I'm so thankful you have him

    and I'm so thankful you know how loved you are.


  2. So sweet...
    happy birthday!

  3. I love walks with discoveries. :) Lent, Holy Week, and Easter... such gifts! What a sweet kitchen helper you have! Happy Birthday! What a precious cake! :)

  4. That bunny, he's a smart bunny!