Monday, May 2, 2011

Multitude Monday

# 1008-1017
ever grateful, forever counting His gifts...

girl love singing 'Rock-a-bye-baby' to her bunny love

being remembered that "God calls us to practice it, not perfect it"
and hearing her say that "practice takes the pressure off - we practice and He transforms us"

going back to read her year of practice
"I can learn to be faithful in the small and ordinary.
Productivity will be birthed through practice."

and reading my year of faithfully relevant, again
"may i live in the knowing every moment.
He is Faithful and Relevant is in Him alone.
by His grace may i be faithful and relevant to His glory and to the blessing of others,
The Year of Faithful and Relevant.
so be it, truly (amen)."

how He's blesses me to share life with these beautiful women who are trusting in Him alone (yes, He is ever trustworthy)

this from Ann's:
“How do you spell receive? Is it the ‘i’ first or the ‘e’?”
“E,” I murmur, trying to tear off a bit of tape.
It’s not the rule about the “C” that makes me remember, but this: You can’t ever get receive right if the ‘I’ goes first. We always must let go of the ‘I’ if we are to receive anything at all....

and this too:
“It’s okay. Even when a heart’s broken”... she gently touches it’s raw edge, “His love’s still around me everywhere. And maybe the love get’s in easier here where it’s tore?”
All day she sings it and I listen to her wandering, “I can sing of your love forever,” her song a broken-hearted hallelujah rising on healing wings.

and i am thankful for stumbling upon these pictures and the warmth in the fondness of these memories

May we continue to take note of His blessings as we rejoice in tHis day


  1. Yahoo! A snapshot from Hawaii! I didn't think I'd ever get to see one. (hee-hee) Love you! Love your listing!

  2. Girl, love all the practice. Just means you're living in the moment! Looking forward to how He perfects our practice in Heaven! Love you!