Sunday, October 2, 2011

Multitude Monday

i am forever grateful, forever counting His gifts (from my 1300's)

i am thankful that in the middle of October - closer to the beginning of 2012 than the beginning of 2011:

He is ever faithful, continuing to teach me that He alone is relevant

He continues to teach her that practice is truly 'to focus on God's perfecting work... and there is rest in the solid and un-shifting' ((Him alone))

that she is aware, alive, and engaged - living victoriously

~  ~  ~

i am thankful that this post was penned to remember me to truths He has revealed to my heart

for sitting on the sofa after a full day with my right side pressed against his left side, sharing details of our day

that boy love is relishing each page of the chronicles of narnia

that girl love continues to enjoy snuggling in the dark and sharing stories from her day

for boy love catching my eye as he comes off the football field & giving me his fabulous wink & a smile

for the anticipation of phone calls this week, today even!

~ ~

 “Holy, holy, holy is the LORD Almighty;
the whole earth is full of his glory.”  Isaiah 6:3

joyfully joining Ann and the community of thankful counters


  1. Dearest -t-,
    Thank you for your sweet encouragement. I'm so excited about the process! Already -- JOY!

  2. "He is ever faithful" - Amen! Wonderful gratitude today. We just sang "Holy, Holy, Holy" this morning to begin our day - and this eve, I read Isaiah 6:3 in your post - love how my day begins and ends with reminders of His holiness!!!

  3. 1300's - really – I'll never get there – I'm far too wordy. If brevity was a gift of mine I'd be a poet :-) anyway I hearted your list – and my favorite one – just because I'm so still in awe of blogging Christian moms – my favorite was your boy coming off the field and catching your eye – the pride – the love – your eyes were the eyes that he always sought when he was a baby – and he always will. God bless you -t- and God bless and keep each and every one of yours.