Monday, April 23, 2012

-t- is for thankful

all last week i was counting, recording, picture taking - excited to post today... but yesterday. yesterday changed everything (my previously planned post, it'll wait. this is so much better!).

and to add to our joy, today is our sweet Sarah Grace's birthday.
happy birthday Sarah Grace! we love you (:

~  ~   ~

mimi and poppy, grandma and grandaddy, the party of five, the stinsons, other friends and strangers too all made the journey to witness this marvelous day. aunt kara, uncle greg, samuel, and sarah grace and mrs. kim joined us in spirit, sharing joy across the miles via the telephone; as yesterday, April 22, 2012, our girl love stood before the crowd and answered "yes." "yes."  "yes." the questions: "Aislyn, do you believe Jesus is the Son of God? Do you believe He died on the cross for the forgiveness of sins? Is it your intention to walk with Christ all the days of your life?"

to say i was excited is an understatement (as you will soon evidence by my crazy, crazy laughter and squealing :)

i am forever grateful, forever counting His gifts one by one...

Sam & Brian preparing to baptize girl love
daddy, grandma, and mommy stand amazed at His amazing Grace

the first attempt {:
laughter all around - where'd the water go?

you can't see, but i'm sqealing delight and celebrating with a hug

tears in my eyes as daddy embraces our girl love and grandma is overflowing joy

dear friends, i pray that you know joy such as this. truly a gift from Him alone
all glory and honor and praise to our God!

joining Ann and the community of thankful counters


  1. Tears, tears, tears! Of joy!!! Oh, the look on girl-love's face and her mama's squealing.... yes, that was priceless, too. I cannot thank you enough for putting this on your blog. I can't wait to share it with the fam and friends.
    We love you so much Aislyn! We wish we could have danced in celebration through the baptismal waters with you. It looks like your sweet family did a good job of that, though! Many blessings, dear child. May this memory never leave you and always make you smile as you know how it represents the new life He gives you.

    Aunt Kara and the Liechtys

  2. nothing sweeter! what a happy day!

  3. Oh to know the celebration in the heavens for this precious soul added to the kingdom! God bless Aislyn!

  4. What a glorious day that is and hallelujah! We have a new sister!

  5. Words just can't describe the joy and the tears of joy that come with this celebration of new life!! Pure sweetness! Aislyn, precious princess, daughter of the King of Kings, you shine Jesus and I'm so excited that you displayed the picture of new life with such love and joy around you! You are precious!

    t- WOW! So excited for you! Loved our chat and hope to connect more soon!

  6. oh friend. just incredible. celebrating with you!