Monday, August 20, 2012

we bring the sacrifice of praise

i am forever grateful, forever counting His gifts one by one....

i am thankful....

we went up to go with mom for a chemo treatment
she's finished with 'red devil'
five rounds of chemo are behind her, three to go
knowing Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are with her every second  ((as we've been in her presence just a few days for this leg of the journey))

for prayers via phone calls and e-mail
that Mom E's liver looked good, and her cancer marker number was low. All good. All three of her docs: family, gastro and surgeon feel that her prognosis is going to be good.  and that laparoscopic surgery is scheduled
joyfully trusting Him in this too

~    ~

girl love rode a horse (a furry friend from years ago :)

and boy love rode a dirt bike

her gift, (fun, fun, fun!) the two of us share a fabulous momento remembrance of our special friendship birthed in Florida (i am a Florida girl :)

girl love and Juliette with duct tape bags, made by Jules herself!
and they made wallets together (:

May God bless you and keep you my grateful friends!

joining Ann and the community of thankful counters

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  1. So good to read your words here. So glad that we are sister friends as we are and that even over many miles we are tight tight tightly woven in each other's heart.
    I love the pics of the boy and girl. The duct tape bags look great! I pray you can enjoy your last residential days in the Sunshine State even in the midst of much business in moving your lives northward.

    Much love always,