Monday, July 12, 2010

The list is long

Please bear with me as this list of gifts is longer than usual. I know the days are full, only so much time allotted for reading others blogs; only so many minutes in the day... thank you for gifting me these.

holy experience

It saddens me that the thought crossed my mind, 'the list is too long today'. For an audience of One the list can never be long enough.

       Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name;
          make known among the nations what he has done.
       Sing to him, sing praise to him;
          tell of all his wonderful acts.
       Glory in his holy name;
          let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.
       Look to the LORD and his strength;
           seek his face always.
                                           Psalm 105: 1-4


scenery by The Original Artist

imagination and creativity

sound effects of Daddy and son playing Star Wars
our girl plucking out the Star Wars theme on piano

pink, white, crimson, yellow and happy

bicycle rides
a walk around the pond
dragonflies with striped wings
alligators, otters, ospreys, and such

BrickMaster magazine
the Aunt and Uncle who splurged on the gift

music and books (again and again :)
Anne of Avonlea, chapter XIII, A Golden Picnic

fresh baked cookies
hot tea with sugar and cream served with buttered toast
a slice of fresh lemon in room temperature water
fresh oranges with breakfast
chocolate ice cream
cherry tomatoes plucked from the plant and placed on the window sill

'just because' gifts

the honor of praying with someone I love
the honor of interceeding for someone I don't know

the arrival
the warm memories

the mommy of a little boy in Sri Lanka who writes in his stead
writing to the little one and his family
reading letters my children write to him
World Vision

our girl working out Amazing Grace on the piano
our boy singing along
hearing her excited chatter as she places the phone on the piano & plays for her Mimi in Tennessee

just home from the dentist smiles

rainbow makers spinning in the sun
green grass

tears of compassion
strength to equal my days

sunshine and

the four of us playing sharks & minnows in the pool
being met with a smile after flipping hubby off of the float

spiderwebs made by our children

furniture built by our very own carpenter
hearing our children say, "Daddy, will you make me a..."

safe travels

reading a book with/to my children
snuggling the last five minutes of their day with them

songs with lyrics that call me to my Savior's feet
the audience of One


  1. What a great list! Spiderwebs, Legos, chocolate ice cream...good job setting the ordinary beauty of life before us!

  2. never too long! it's wonderful to find the blessings He has for us in every single thing. love you list!

  3. Loved the list! Especially the reading books part. That was so much a part of my life as a child and I treausre those memories!

  4. I loved the list, it is not too long! The pictures are absolutely beautiful.

    My husband is a carpenter, also, so I can relate.

    Thanks for visiting my site because it blessed me by allowing me to discover yours. I will be back.

  5. Great list. :)

    Kayla LOVES the photography and smiles most of all!!!!

  6. Thank you, Kara & Kayla. The smiles are my favorite too (and no chlorine stains)! :}

  7. mimi in tn made me happiest: i'm from and miss dearly tn and i'm mimi to my little nephews!!!

    our Audience delights in us, in these lists. i'm sure they're never long enough. :)

  8. A lovely list! The Creator has all the time in the world for us and delights in us when we delight in Him by thanking Him for the many, many gifts that He gives. I join you in gratitude for fresh baked cookies and hot milk with cream and buttered toast.!
    grace to you

  9. Love your photos and list too. Fresh baked cookies, books and flowers and little ones playing the piano, joy! Lori